Spring Vacation Inspo

Hi all! I’m excited to be back, it’s been a busy few months (more about this later). However, I’m even more excited that we’ve booked our annual spring vacation. For the past couple years, we take a relaxing spring vacation with one of our favorite couple friends. This particular vacation is my favorite because the agenda consists of pool, beach, eat, repeat. How perfect is that? We try our best to disconnect and the only time you’ll find us staring at a screen is on the beach while we pass around an iPad for an intense game of Words with Friends. We’ll only leave the resort once or twice depending on the location but other than that, you’ll find us hanging out around the resort.

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Style Snap Shot

I will admit that before starting this blog (and maybe still) I have that little voice inside my hard-head that tells me I don’t have a fashion-blogger-worthy style. However, there are other days where I’m overly confident because I feel 110% in an outfit. That’s how everyday should feel, whether you’re in a t-shirt and jeans (as I am often) or dolled up for date-night. Personally I love being proud of how great every piece comes together. I can only hope to share that passion of styling an outfit with you as well.

Dress (Loft: similar); Necklace; Sandals; Bracelet

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