Style Snap Shot

I will admit that before starting this blog (and maybe still) I have that little voice inside my hard-head that tells me I don’t have a fashion-blogger-worthy style. However, there are other days where I’m overly confident because I feel 110% in an outfit. That’s how everyday should feel, whether you’re in a t-shirt and jeans (as I am often) or dolled up for date-night. Personally I love being proud of how great every piece comes together. I can only hope to share that passion of styling an outfit with you as well.

Dress (Loft: similar); Necklace; Sandals; Bracelet

Not to mention, I just love a good find.  I want to share those finds with you all, especially when I come across a good steal! Before I knew you can set alerts for sales on your phone/email, I’d find sales by simply perusing shops. I still love perusing, mainly because what’s online isn’t always in stock at your nearby store. Rest assured, I can pretty much list my favorite shop’s current inventory at times. I take perusing serious. Speaking of, where do I shop, you ask? I’ve created a short list here of shops where I find the majority of my staples.


Not quite sure I can put my finger on my signature style, because it tends to evolve. However, I like versatile, neutral, classic pieces that allow me to add some trendier pieces or accessories. I also like to keep it easy breezy because I don’t want a heat stroke while surviving this Arizona heat. Although, there are times where I layer for the sake of fashion even though I’m burning up. What’s your signature style? I’d love to know how you keep up with what’s trending.


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